Gravelista grows to over 500 riders

This weekend, the final qualifying event for the Trek UCI Gravel World Series will be held in Beechworth, located in Australia’s high country within the state of Victoria.

This race marks the concluding UCI gravel event of the year and serves as the second opportunity to qualify for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships, scheduled to take place in Belgium in October next year.

The course is a demanding 120 kilometers, consisting of 85% gravel. It’s intended for elite participants and individuals aged up to 59 for men and 49 for women who are eager to secure their spot at the world championships. While there are some paved sections at the start and finish, the majority of the course features the renowned fine gravel of Victoria’s beautiful outdoors.

The elevation on this course ranges from 180 meters above sea level to the highest peak at 837 meters above sea level, with two longer climbs that boast a cumulative elevation gain of 1892 meters. For the shorter 80-kilometer course, the second part is omitted, resulting in a total elevation gain of 1372 meters for those in the older age categories.

In a noteworthy development, the event has seen over 500 enthusiastic participants, marking a significant increase compared to its inaugural edition last year!

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