Tim Merlier to ride Gravel Challenge Blaavands Huk

The second edition of the Danish TREK UCI Gravel World Series leg in Blaavands on the westernmost point of the country will have a new course.  Start and finish remain in Blaavands, but next to the beach with a gravel finish.  The 39km lap needs to be done 4 times for the elites, men up […]

The Gralloch for pure Scottish gravel racing

The second edition of the Scottish qualifier event this weekend keeps on growing as more than 2000 riders have registered for the sold out event. The route has seen some alterations from the inaugural edition, but the character of the race remains the same. The same kind of distance, the same climbs and the same […]

3RIDES Gravel in Aachen biggest ever UCI Gravel World Series event

The second edition of the 3RIDES Gravel race in Aachen on the German-Dutch-Belgian border will become the biggest event in the Trek UCI Gravel World Series up to date as 2200 riders from 56 different nationalities have signed up to take part on the new course. The event will also be organized on the same […]

Seven on the courses of 2026 Gravel Worlds

The third edition of the Seven gravel race in Nannup, Western Australia as UCI qualifier keeps on growing as more than 1500 riders have registered for the event. The 125km “Seven” course remains the same as last year with a stunning but very challenging course in the Australian outback.   Total elevation is 3200m with […]

Gravelista grows to over 500 riders

This weekend, the final qualifying event for the Trek UCI Gravel World Series will be held in Beechworth, located in Australia’s high country within the state of Victoria. This race marks the concluding UCI gravel event of the year and serves as the second opportunity to qualify for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships, scheduled […]

Mohoric strongest in a three man battle to take his first elite gold

The 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships for elite men was ridden on a 169km course which was the same as that of the women elite with some additional loops. A big group was gradually reduced by the time the peloton went over the finish line for the first time, but the race really opened when […]