Hegau Gravel Festival distances updated for the weekend

The second German round in the UCI Gravel World Series takes place this weekend in Singen, a southern city near the Swiss border where the Hegau Gravel Festival has its inaugural edition. With over 750 riders pre-registered from 25 countries, and additional registrations expected on race day, organizers anticipate nearly 1,000 participants at the start line.

Due to heavy rain and flooding on parts of the originally planned course, organizers have adjusted the route. All riders will now complete two large loops of 54 kilometers each, skipping the final shorter loop. This reduces the total race distance from 136 kilometers to 108 kilometers. Riders in the shorter distance category (originally 84 kilometers) will now finish after completing one 54-kilometer loop.

The start time for the main race remains at 10:10 am, while the start for the shorter distance race has been slightly delayed by 15 minutes to 10:55 am.

Despite the course modification, riders can expect a world-class gravel experience. The route incorporates sections used in the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships and traverses a scenic region north of Singen. 66% of the course is pure gravel.

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