Starting procedure and qualification standards for the new UCI Gravel season

UCI Gravel World Series

The 2023 TREK UCI Gravel World Series are about to take off in a month. 18 events will be part of the second season with races in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.
Top 25% per age group and gender will qualify for the 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships.

Compared to last year, a few changes have been made to the regulations:

  • There will be a priority start box for the best riders at the different qualifier events. Riders can apply for this first box submitting their candidature to the different organizers who will then decide and pick a maximum of 25 riders over both genders.
  • Qualification will remain per age group, but there will also be an overall podium for men and women over all age groups directly after the finish.
  • Any bike except for E-bikes, time trial bikes, recumbents and tandems will be allowed to qualify which is the same as last year. Only change is that mountain bikes will no longer be accepted at the start of the World Championships as riders there have to ride a bike with dropped handlebars.
  • At the UCI Gravel World Championships, riders of the Elite category would be lined up at the start based on a points system which is a cumulation of the following points:
    • Points won during the UCI Gravel World Series events in the overall male/female result per race for top 25 : 200-180-160-150-140-130-120-110-100-90-80-70-65-60-55-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5 points
    • Points won during the UCI Gravel World Championships of the previous year in the elite category for top 25 : 1000-750-600-500-450-400-350-300-275-250-225-200-180-160-140-120-100-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 points
    • 50% of the points in the UCI rankings road, mountain bike cross country (XCO), mountain bike marathon (XCM) and cyclocross
  • Riders of the age groups will still be positioned on a first come, first serve base at the start of the World Championships. This might change depending on the number of riders at the start.

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