Sens and Sherwell Shine in Gravelista

UCI Gravel World Series

The Gravelista event’s second edition, held in Beechworth, Victoria over the weekend, drew more than 500 enthusiastic riders who competed across three different distances. Participants could choose from the challenging 120km qualifier for younger age groups, the 80km qualifier for men over 60 and women over 50, or the more relaxed 45km recreational ride.

In the fiercely contested men’s race, national gravel champion Connor Sens emerged victorious, maintaining a lead of nearly one minute over his closest rival, Torben Partridge-Madsen. Daniel Braunsteins secured the third spot, albeit a bit further behind.

The women’s race belonged to Courtney Sherwell, who displayed her prowess by finishing with a comfortable lead of one and a half minutes ahead of Matilda Raynolds. Cassia Boglio claimed the third position, but she trailed by more than 9 minutes.

In the 80km qualifier for men over 60, Roger Cull (M70) showcased his exceptional skills by outperforming many of his younger competitors. Stephan Jusypiw and Brett Lindstrom followed closely, securing the second and third positions, respectively.

Among the female participants in the 80km race for those over 50, Sharon Heap (F60) clinched victory, with Gabrielle Howard and Kerrie Muir coming in second and third, respectively.
The average speeds of the long-distance winners were impressive, with 32.3 km/h and 29.2 km/h, respectively.

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