Saturday 31.08.2024
69 - 126 km

Monsterrando was the first competitive UCI Gravel race in Italy in 2022  on a course which was considered as the most beautiful course of the series by many riders.  The race is held in the famous Italian Monferrato wine region with many “strade bianche” which are so typical for the area


The course starts and finishes in Quattordio, a small town in the Monferrato wine region in Piemonte, full of “Strade Bianche” on undulating rural roads.

The course below is from the 2023 edition and will get an update which will be announced later!

The circuit winds through all the small villages and towns north of the A21-E70 highway from Alessandria to Asti for a long 125km with a first loop to the east to come back after 78km over the same road that was already taken in between 22-27km to make a western loop with a lot of turns and small rural roads before heading back to the south to finish in Quattordio

The shorter 69km has the same start and finish section but makes a shortcut in between km 27-84 on the long course to skip the eastern part of the long course.


official qualifier distance for men 60+ and women 50+


official qualifier distance for men 19-59 and women 19-49


The route winds on small rural roads varying from an elevation of 100m to some short but steep peaks up to maximum 280m above sea level.  The climbs are never very long, but the route is always going up and down with climbs up to 15%.  Only the first and last kilometres are mainly flat.

Total elevation is 1760m for the long course and 770m for the short course, making it a tough and challenging circuit.




Monferrato is a famous wine region in Piemonte in northern Italy in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti.  It also has a strong literary tradition, including the 18th century Asti-born poet and dramatist Vittorio Alfieri and the Alessandrian Umberto Eco, writer of the famous “in the name of the rose” book.

The Tanaro river splits the area in two parts, the northern part has rolling hills and plains while the southern part has much more elevation towards the Apennines mountains.

Montferrat has been declared Unesco world heritage site in 2014.

Famous wines of the region are Barbera d’Asti, Asti spumante, Moscato d’Asti, Cortese, Malvasia and Grignolino.  Also truffles are a well-known product of the area.

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