Giro Sardegna Gravel

Thursday 25.04.2024
95 - 136 km

The Giro Sardegna Gravel is part of the existing Giro Sardegna road racing week with daily events on the island of Sardinia. The gravel event will be added for the first time on Thursday April 25.


The route will start in Orosei at the ITI Marina Resort where registrations take place for a first starting route of 13 km towards a local tour of 41 km which must be done two or three times depending on the category.

The start loop only has paved roads heading out of town, as the entire route to the local tour is on asphalt.

The local lap is challenging with 57% gravel roads and 43% paved roads. Men aged 19 to 59 and women aged 19 to 49 must complete three laps while older categories finish after two laps.

Starting loop

Local lap


The start includes a climb of 1km at 4% average starting 3.6km after the start.

The local lap has 541m of elevation gain, mainly in the first part of the tour. Three climbs are marked on the route

  • Km 2-4: climb of 2.6km at 3.6% average
  • Km 13-14: climb of 1.2km at 3.8% average
  • Km 16-18: climb of 1.6km at 4.3% average

Total elevation for the younger age groups is 1728m while older categories will do a course with 1187m of elevation.


GiroSardegna is an event crafted for both racing enthusiasts and those seeking an enjoyable cycling experience amidst nature. The prerequisites for this event include the breathtaking beauty of specific locations at a particular time of the year, such as the vibrant colors and scents of spring in Sardinia. The chosen hotels are of high quality, and a unique camaraderie is fostered among participants. With convenient schedules, impeccable roads, and picturesque natural surroundings, the Giro has become an unparalleled global event, characterized by the right philosophy and well-executed organization.

This stage race follows the model of iconic cycling events like the Giro d’Italia or Tour de France, with a notable difference – at the end of the week, every participant feels victorious. The key to the Giro’s success lies in the personal connection riders establish with their opponents from the first stage, making them the focus of competition throughout the week. Even those finishing an hour behind the leaders meticulously study the rankings.

The race offers two routes: the Blue Route for MedioGiro participants, featuring stages of medium difficulty and distance, and the Red Route for GranGiro participants, comprising longer stages with additional climbs. Participants exhibit varying skill levels, with cycling averages ranging from 40 to 20 hours.

Race departures maintain an ancient tradition, with two grids for all cyclists (men and women) and two starts for the five road stages. In the time trial, starts are in reverse order to the general classification. A notable addition in 2024 is the Gravel race in the fifth stage, encompassing a mountainous section and a marine part through Berchida Beach and the Bidderosa Natural Oasis.

The GiroSardegna attracts over 500 athletes annually, with 70% being Italians and 30% representing other European and global nations. In 2024, all GiroSardegna participants will join the UCI Gravel World Series, providing an opportunity for a cycling week in Sardinia and a chance to qualify for the Gravel World Championship.

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