Bigfoot Gravel is a new event in the gravel paradise of Oakridge, Oregon. The event will be organized by Mudslinger Events who have extensive experience in hosting off-road cycling events (gravel and MTB) with a stunning views and challenging courses with a lot of elevation.


The Bigfoot Gravel will have two courses: The long “Monster” course as qualifier for the younger riders and the shorter “Big” course as qualifier for the older age categories.

The Monster course is 87 miles / 141km with start and finish in Oakridge (OR) Greenwaters Park. The first section of the course is along the Salmon Creek River, followed by a paved section with a slight elevation, going from 1,200 ft. to 1,600 ft. for the first 7 miles before entering the mountains. The next portion brings the first steep climb of 2.5 miles towards 3,000 ft. and undulating gravel roads in the woods for the first 22 miles where riders enter the big loop.  Most of the roads are unpaved gravel with some minor paved sections.  The highest point of the day is reached after 47 miles at an elevation of 4,500 ft. followed by a long downhill and a flat paved sector where riders retrace the last 22 miles they have already done and head back to the finish.

The shorter Big course is 65 miles / 105km and takes a shortcut on the Monster course after 37 miles to join it back after 42 miles for the same finish section ending in Oakridge.

65 miles / 105km

official qualifier distance for men 60+ and women 50+

87 miles / 141km

official qualifier distance for men 19-59 and women 19-49


The course varies from an elevation of 1,200 ft. (350m) and progresses to an elevation of 4,500 ft. (1350m) which is reached after 47 miles.  Total elevation for the full Monster distance is a bit over 10,000 ft. (3000m) and a bit over 7,000 ft. (2100m) for the Big distance.  Both courses can be considered challenging with a lot of elevation on undulating forest roads.

65 miles - 105km

87 miles - 141km


Located in Western Oregon, 43 miles east of Eugene, and 150 miles south of Portland, is the City of Oakridge – known as the mountain bike capital of the Pacific Northwest.

The town has a population of 3,400 people. Surrounded by the Willamette National Forest and the Cascade Range, Oakridge is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for its hiking, mountain biking, wildflowers, fly fishing, birding, water sports, and the nearby Willamette Pass Resort.  The Salt Creek Falls, Oregon’s second tallest waterfall and Waldo Lake are famous tourist attractions.  Oakridge and its nearby companion town Westfir boast a large array of mountain bike trails, enhancing its reputation as a mountain biking destination.

Travel to Oakridge is convenient by both car and air. Coming from California, it’s best to use I-5N and then the US-97 N and OR-58 W to get to Oakridge.  Coming from Portland, it’s the same I-5 S and then the OR-58.   If flying direct into Eugene, Oakridge is just a short 52 mile drive up OR-58 W. 

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