Wish One Millau Grands Causses

Sunday 16.06.2024
101 - 145 km

Wish One Millau Grands Causses was the first ever UCI Gravel event on European soil in 2022 and will continue on this success of the first year. For the third edition, the race continues on the success of 2023 winners Toby Perry and Carolin Schiff.


The start and finish are located in the town of Millau, well known for its marvelous viaduct over the Tarn, the highest bridge in the world with a height of 336.4m above the valley below.

The course will start with a steep climb out of the valley towards the east with an elevation of 450 m in the first 8 km.

The route consists of 40% woods and 40% gravel roads between fields. 20% is on paved roads.

The descent to the town of La Roque-Sainte-Marguerite on the La Dourbie river and then the steep climbs between kilometers 30-40 are the most difficult part of the route. There is also a passage through the military camp of Larzac.  The last 2 km to the finish are on asphalt with a 100m elevation gain.

The 101 km route follows the same routes with a shortcut after 41 km and another after 58 km.

101 km

official qualifier distance for men 60+ and women 50+

145 km

official qualifier distance for men 19-59 and women 19-49


The courses are difficult with a total vertical drop of 2700m over the entire distance and 1800m over the half distance.

The start has a steep climb to leave the city and also the passage in the town of La Roque-Sainte-Marguerite after 30 km is difficult. The last section towards the finish is again flat on hard surfaces with a final 2km climb to the finish.

The start and finish are at an altitude of 490 m but the majority of the course takes place at an altitude between 700 and 800 m.

101 km

145 km


Located in the southwest of France, Aveyron is a destination of choice for nature lovers. Its unspoiled nature, its diverse landscapes, its know-how and local traditions will surely make you love it. Its large spaces – limestone plateaus, gorges and valleys, mountains and lakes – are the ideal setting for outdoor activities or simple relaxation. Here you can experience a wonderful way of life, gastronomy and crafts, skills and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

Millau has a population of 22,000 and is located at the confluence of the Tarn and Dourbie rivers, surrounded by the landscapes of the Gorges du Tarn and Causse du Larzac. It is part of the former province of Rouergue where people also communicate through a form of Occitan language: the dialect of Rouergat. Its inhabitants are called Millavois (male) and Millavoises (female). The territory of the municipality is part of the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses, part of the largest UNESCO world heritage site of the Causses and the Cévennes. Millau is world famous for its viaduct which is the highest bridge in the world, 336 m above the Tarn on the A71 motorway towards Paris.

The nearest airport is Rodez (75km) or Montpellier international airport (122km) or Toulouse (208km)

For more information, please visit the following website : https://www.tourisme-aveyron.com/fr