Gravel One Fifty biggest UCI gravel event so far

Gravel One Fifty, the largest UCI gravel event to date, is set to take place in the Netherlands this weekend. This year, the race will commence from the town of Roden, although the course itself remains largely unchanged from last year, with only a few minor adjustments.

The 150km route, designed for the younger age groups, meanders through the southern regions of the starting location. It is a predominantly flat course, featuring a mere 267m of elevation. On the other hand, the older age groups will tackle an 80km course to qualify for the main event. While their route shares the same start and finish sections, it veers away from the eastern segment, allowing participants to make an earlier return towards the finish line.

Impressively, a total of 1316 riders hailing from 25 different countries have registered for the race, leading to a sold-out event. This marks the third sold-out occurrence this season, following the first Dutch qualifier in Valkenburg and the Scottish event in Dumfries and Galloway. In terms of gender representation, 87% of all entries are men, while women account for 13% of the participants.

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