Sea Otter Europe Girona

Saturday 21.09.2024
129 km

Sea Otter Europe is the cycling festival in Europe, which is organized in the capital city of Girona, on 20, 21 and 22 September 2024.

The festival, during its few years of its existence, has managed to reach astonishing figures: more than 64,000 visitors, +6,000 participants in the sporting events and a total of +402 exhibiting brands, according to last year’s record.

Sea Otter Europe faces its eight editions with a complete sports programme that includes challenges for competitive and amateur attendees, an exhibition area with the best brands on the market, demo circuits ideal for enjoyment and bicycles testing, and a list of activities planned exclusively for the professionals of the industry.

All this in the province of Girona, Costa Brava, which ensures good weather, good gastronomy and a first-class natural environment.

The festival is gaining worldwide recognition among the cycling industry and cycling enthusiasts: in just seven editions, it has become a necessary and must-attend event for the cycling community.


The 2024 edition of the TREK UCI Gravel World Series in Girona follows a 130km route, featuring a challenging 2100m of elevation. The course winds through the picturesque Les Gavarres Massif, renowned for its stunning landscapes. Commencing in the nearby town of Girona, Celrà, the initial kilometers are neutralized on asphalt before transitioning to a path marked by a substantial and lengthy incline leading to the mountain’s summit. Crossing a road, participants enter a mountainous region with expansive, well-compacted trails, perfect for gravel riding. The route guides riders through crop fields and rural areas in search of flatter terrain.

Around kilometer 46, a demanding ascent unfolds towards one of Les Gavarres’ highest points, Puig d’Arques (533m). The subsequent descent poses a technical challenge due to the irregular terrain. Following the descent, the route features a series of gentle ups and downs along wide paths, surrounded by lush vegetation. Eventually, riders encounter a flat and speedy section, encouraging a high pace before confronting the last climb of the day. The journey concludes with a parallel course along the River Ter, leading to the Municipal Pavilion of Girona-Fontajau, nestled amidst the Sea Otter Europe Girona Costa Brava by Continental festival.

78% of the course is offroad, 22% on paved roads.


After the neutralized start, a 5.4km climbs brings riders to a first peak at an average gradient of 6.3%.  The terrain keeps on going up and down, but the hardest challenge of the day comes between km 46-54 when an 8km climb at 4.2% average brings participants to the highest point on course at 517m above the sea.  The second half of the course has less elevation with climbs varying between 1 and 2.5km and maximum 6%.

Total elevation over the full distance is 2274m.


Girona is a city located in the region of Catalonia, in the northeast of Spain, which has become a very popular destination for cycling lovers. The city and its surroundings offer an exceptional environment for practicing this sport, thanks to its beautiful landscape, well-maintained roads and a large number of scenic routes.

An attractive destination for cyclists that includes routes from the Pyrenees mountains and even gentler routes that run along the coast, with a Mediterranean climate ideal for practicing sports all year. The city offers many services and sporting events, like Sea Otter Europe, for riders to create an unforgettable cycling experience.