First UEC European Gravel Championships added to the TREK UCI Gravel World Series

The 2023 TREK UCI Gravel World Series will have one additional event on the calendar, scheduled for 1st October in Belgium.  

The event in Oud-Heverlee, in the Vlaams Brabant province, will also feature as the first UEC European Gravel Championships, while Belgian riders will be able to battle for the first national gravel titles. The event will be of particular interest to riders aiming for the top spots, as large sections of the courses will feature at the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships.

The course comprises two 28km laps followed by a big loop of 47.5km to finish again with one or two laps, depending on the category.  Some age groups will finish directly after the big loop.

The race is designed in the Forests of Brabant, a forest area south-east of the Belgian capital Brussels.

As the race is only one week prior to the 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships in Italy, it will count as a qualifier for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships, which will start in Halle and finish in Leuven and take riders over large sections of this year’s UEC European Gravel Championships.

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