• Race Director: John Meehan
  • Course Director: Rick Hopson
  • Local Hospitality: Amana Colonies Festivals
  • Hotels: Iowa City – Coralville

The Jingle GX Gravel Race was part of the 2021 Jingle Cross Cycling Festival in Iowa City which included the 3rd leg of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup Series last year but now moves to the first weekend of August to be the final American qualifier for the 2022 UCI Gravel World Championships. The Jingle Cross team has organized more than 40 major UCI cycling events including 5 UCI World Cups and 12 C1 level UCI cyclocross races.


The Jingle GX Gravel Race travels along the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa. The state of Iowa is legendary with over 100,000 km of gravel roads accounting for more than 60% of all roads in the state! The Jingle GX will start and finish in the world-famous Amana Colonies, a unique German-based community in the Midwest. Iowa is not flat. This fun but challenging rolling course has some short but very steep hills, unique B level dirt roads, and goes through scenic farmland and several villages that comprise the German heritage of the Amana Colonies. Oktoberfest will be in full swing at the the Festhalle Barn when you finish .

The total distance of 69 miles (111 km) counts as official qualifier distance for the UCI Gravel World Championships for all age groups.

69 miles (111 km)

official qualifier distance for men 60+ and women 50+


The course profile has many short but steep hills. The total elevation change is 3300 ft.


The Amana Colony are a historic utopian society located in the rolling hills of Iowa’s River Valley. The community was established shortly before the Civil War by a group of German-speaking European settlers who belonged to a religious group known as the Community of True Inspiration. Here, they began a communal system of living in seven different villages, which encompassed over 20,000 acres of land. The beautiful Iowa River valley offered extensive timberland, quarries for limestone and sandstone, and long stretches of prairie filled with rich, black soil. Construction of the first village began in the summer of 1855 and the new settlement was named “Amana,” meaning “believe faithfully.” Seven villages make up the Amana Colonies and the Jingle GX gravel race will pass through several of them with the start and finish in the main Amana village.

Today, the Amana Society, Inc., corporate heir to the land and economic assets of communal Amana, continues to own and manage some 26,000 acres of farm, pasture, and forest land. Agriculture remains an important economic base today just as it was in communal times. Because the land was not divided up with the end of communalism, the landscape of Amana still reflects its communal heritage. In addition, over 450 communal-era buildings stand in the seven villages as vivid reminders of the past.

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Post Race Oktoberfest

The Amana Colonies are of German heritage and well known for their annual Oktoberfest celebration drawing more than 15,000 guests each year. The Jingle GX gravel race post event Oktoberfest party will be at the center piece of the celebration, the Festhalle Barn with a traditional Oktoberfest celebration, Amana Style!

Hotel Accommodations: IOWA CITY

Iowa City is located eastern Iowa and the hub of Johnson County. The city with 74,000 inhabitants is the former capital city of the state and home to the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. Collegiate sports are huge for Iowa with Kinnick Stadium in the city center and can host 70,000 spectators. Wresting is another big sport in Iowa and the city has been host to many US Olympic and World Cup wrestling events.

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